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We convert your 2D floor plan (or 3D model) into fully rendered interactive 3D model, with colours, materials, and lighting. This Merlin model lets you walk from room to room.


While walking from room to room, you can…

  • Change colours and materials of walls, flooring, furniture…

  • Switch between day & night lights, and

  • much more…

See how it works

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Simple Process

You only provide us 2D plans or 3D models + details of colours and materials.

Leave the rest to us. We'll deliver Merlin package, ready to run on your office PC. 

Demo Request

To try all the things shown in above video plus more, fill out the below form.

  • What is Merlin?
    Merlin is a software that allows user to roam freely within a virtual environment. For an architect or interior designer, this could be a house or office he/she has designed for a client. Merlin also allows user to interact with various elements. This means you can change colours and materials of floors, walls and different furniture items. You can also switch between day and night lighting conditions. There are many other features like, zoom in/out, model slicing, screenshots, scheme saving etc. Ask us for a demo to learn more in detail.
  • Where to use it?
    Use it in same place where you use rendered images and walk-through videos. Merlin includes the strengths of images and videos, plus has many more features.
  • How do I get Merlin?
    You provide us with 2D floor plans or 3D models, along with the details of colours and materials you want to include. Then leave the rest to us. We'll deliver the Merlin software package that runs on your office PC, loaded with your design.
  • Once Merlin is installed on my office PC, are further design changes possible?
    Yes, certainly. Example: Let's say you originally requested 2 flooring options (wood and marble) for the living room. After seeing both in Merlin, you want to add 2 more options - lighter wood texture and a carpet. We would add these to the material library and update your package. Now you would be able to see 4 flooring options to choose from.
  • How much does it cost?
    Just like any architectural project, the price depends on the scope of your project. Merlin package for a 3-bedroom house would cost less than that for a 6-bedroom house with swimming pool and a home cinema. As a rough estimate, Merlin costs similar to a walk-through video.
  • Is there an on going (monthly/yearly) subscription fee for the software?
    No. This is not a subscription software. Merlin package is built for a specific architectural project. Example: Let's say, you design a new house for a client. You provide us with floor plans and/or 3D models. We provide a price quote to deliver your design as a Merlin package. Once you accept the quote, we deliver Merlin package that runs on your office PC, just like any other software. On your next project, the above process would be repeated.
  • Can I show this to my client before purchasing?
    Yes. We can provide a fully operational, demo version to try it yourself, and show it to your client. Just fill out the Demo Request form.

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