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About us

We build your creative imaginations in virtual 3D to help you visualise, optimise and achieve the best results you can.

We are a group of very experienced computer graphics and engineering professionals; with capabilities to take projects from concept to completion. Our areas of expertise are 3D modelling, rendering, animations, VR and web-based interactive environments. We are constantly adding new products and services to stay abreast of the latest graphics technologies and developments in computer hardware.

We package high quality products with unmatched customer service that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations and persuade you to choose us time and again. Our primary focus is always on your needs; and the thought process that follows is always about how we can add value to your business. Our business strategy is to earn our customer’s trust and build a lasting relationship.

Shaded Pixel Team

Strategic Alliance

We work with our Australian alliance partner, Pixelcraft Graphics to develop a wide range of products and services. Our core graphics capabilities, combined with web development expertise of Pixelcraft Graphics, results in an excellent synergetic relationship, which helps us offer our customers much wider range of services. 

A prime example is the interactive environment Merlin, which is developed through our joint efforts and offered in India via Shaded Pixel Studio and the rest of the world via Pixelcraft Graphics. 

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